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Water Main Pressure Management Systems

Given continued expansion of existing water systems and increasing water demands, often the pressure and flows on mainlines will increase in areas closer to the water source. This sometimes leads to older zones of water supply systems with pressures that cause continuing line breaks.

This was the case in three separate zones within the Gallatin area of the White House Utility District’s jurisdiction. CSR was contracted to provide survey, design, bidding and construction services to install the 3 separate installations of PRV’s involving 16”, 12” and 8” mains serving thousands of water customers. The professional services provided by CSR are further detailed in the General Scope of Work below:

General Scope of Work

  • Receive preliminary sketches and related information relevant to the existing conditions and recommended improvements
  • Provide survey of the terrain and infrastructure in the vicinity of the proposed improvement including the roadway and adjacent visible and/or marked facilities (includes gathering ROW information available from the roadway owner on that affected portion)
  • Develop preliminary layouts to aide in the development of project planning
  • Develop final construction plans, specifications and bid documents
  • Submit Exhibits and property descriptions for use in property easement acquisitions
  • Submit to TDEC for public water permit approval
  • Coordinate with TDOT and/or local government for temporary construction access and submit for permit approval
  • Participate in the pre‐bid and pre‐construction meetings in concert with WHUD
  • Provide construction assistance on an as‐needed basis to assist WHUD testing and inspection personnel (field engineering, if needed)
  • Provide As‐built PDF and CAD drawings and/or GIS mapping and integration of the installed items