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AEDC Bridge Inspections

In September 2011, CSR Engineering inspected the roadway bridges for Arnold Air Force Base near Tullahoma, TN. Our personnel have inspected these bridges for the last five inspections which date back to 1997.

CSR Engineering’s scope of the work for the seven AEDC bridges included the following:

Review of previous inspection reports, ratings and drawings
Visit site for inspection of structural members via visual observation and Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques
Write new inspection report and ratings with recommendations for any maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement
The seven bridges for this project range from complex to simple in design. The most notable bridge is part of a dam system as one can see in the picture above. Other pictures display a standard triple span concrete bridge with T-beams and a triple barrel box bridge.

CSR has utilized the experience of their team members to keep the pendulum leaning toward maintenance rather than replacement. Proper inspection techniques paired with a plethora of repair options will significantly increase a bridge’s service years and consequently reduce the structure’s life cycle cost. Our personnel have the experience to assist bridge owners in maintaining their bridges with economical yet ingenious methods for bridge sustainability. We enjoy assisting bridge owners by providing solid inspection results that clearly reveal all issues, both critical and less significant, with viable solutions that increase the structures service life.